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Pro Football Weekly Likes Colts Safety Mike Newton (Why? We Don't Know)

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This is a bit of an odd statement by PFW's Arthur Arkush:

Although he is young and inexperienced, [Mike Newton] has been in the right place more often than not, and appears to be the leading candidate to be the team's fourth safety.

Arkush cite's Newton's three interception performance in the annual Blue v. White scrimmage during training camp as an example of the young safety being in 'the right place more often than not.' I'm not sure Arkush knows that it was back-up quarterback Curtis Painter who threw those picks, not Peyton Manning.

Let's face it, Painter's so bad right now I could probably pick him off, and I'm nursing a sore knee these days.

Regarding Newton, I'd like to know what game tape Arkush is looking at, because the preseason games I've watched haven't exactly shown a lot of Mike Newton highlights. He got absolutely mauled by Anthony Dixon during the first preseason game. Since then, I really can't say I've seen much of him. He's got ten tackles and one pass defended so far in preseason.

Interestingly, The Indy Star's Mike Chappell said a few days ago that he expects the Colts to sign a veteran safety after teams start cutting down to 53 players. If that's so, that doesn't bode well for Mike Newton.