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The Quote Machine: Colts 38, Giants 14

Colts coach Jim Caldwell (9/20/2010)

On if the team had something to prove in this game:

I’m not certain that they had anything to prove other than the fact that we didn’t play well last week. I thought the guys really focused in like they do every week in terms of preparation. Our practices were very good and they played like it.

On the drive to start the game, and the drive to start the second quarter:

More so than anything else, we knew we wanted to have a little bit more balanced attack. The week before we threw the ball quite a bit and just felt that this time around we were going to make certain that we get our runs in. I think we gave the guys a chance to get in a little rhythm and they were certainly able to deliver the ball pretty well.

On the offense and the defense:

It was just one of those collective team efforts. We mentioned from the offensive standpoint, running the ball, ran it extremely well. Peyton (Manning) threw the ball well. The guys caught the ball extremely well, no interceptions. Obviously did a good job on the line of scrimmage. Defense did a great job stopping the run. Did a tremendous job in terms of keeping the ball in front of them, except the one that got behind us. But other than that, they shut them down pretty good. Our kicking game, punted the ball well. We covered well. It was a really solid team effort.

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (9/20/2010)

On what he said to Eli Manning after the game:

I told him good game. I told him I loved him. I think they will be fine. They play the Titans next week. We will be pulling hard for them hoping they can help us in the AFC South. We are going to do our best to help them when we play all these other NFC East teams. I am real proud of him.

On running the ball:

We really ran the ball well. It was a point of emphasis. We really didn't have that many attempts against Houston to run it. I felt like Houston really came into that game last week and played five DBs, sometimes six DBs, playing a lot of pass defense. We didn't really know what the Giants were going to do, but they ended up taking that route. When teams are playing five DBs and sometimes six DBs on first and second downs, they are obviously playing pass coverage. In the past, we haven't been able to run against that look which has been frustrating because we are sort of playing into their hands, so it was nice to be able to run the ball versus that look. There were a lot of DBs in there that aren't use to being involved in the running game, so that was important to establish that. The line, tight ends and receivers all did a great job. I thought Donald (Brown) and Joe (Addai) really ran smart and ran really hard.

On the no-huddle offense:

We are a no huddle team. They did have some substitutions. They didn't dress two defensive tackles, they really dressed all of their defensive ends so that kind of told us they were going to play that pass rush front. They were going to defend the pass. I don't know when the last time we had more rushing attempts than pass attempts. It would be hard not to blame them. I think we threw it almost sixty times last week, so you think that would be the way to play it. It was good to see us run the ball the way we did. I think it was a good statement and hopefully we can continue it the rest of the season and keep teams from playing those five, six DBs because you hope the team has to put a linebacker on Dallas (Clark) or a safety. You feel a lot better on that as opposed to a corner(back) on Dallas.

Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney (9/20/2010)

On getting to hit Eli Manning:

I finally got that opportunity. The last time we faced them, I guess I've faced him twice, I got him one time in the Pro Bowl, but that doesn't count. I got some opportunities to make some plays and get across the field.

On causing the fumble that lead to Fili Moala's touchdown:

They were down and I knew they were trying to take a chance. They had to take some opportunities to get the ball down the field and I did a good job of getting up field and beating the tackle around the corner. We are programmed as defensive lineman, especially here, to not only get the sack, but to go for the trifecta. You get the sack, you cause the fumble and you get the touchdown and that is what happened.

On playing well one week after losing to the Texans:

I think what happened last week was a combination of things. With our defense, gap integrity is huge. It is not about having a bad defense, it is about one or two guys not doing what they are supposed to do and that is when you have real big breaking runs in our scheme. 3-4 is a little bit different, you have guys two gapping and that can make up for a big run. I think what especially happened in the first game and we understood that and game into this game with confidence knowing that we basically beat ourselves.