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Brandon Jacobs, His Helmet, And The Stadium Security Jerks Who Took It From Colts Fans

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By now you've read that Brandon Jacobs threw more than just a hissy fit during the Colts 38-14 romp of the Giants last night.

After a third quarter rushing attempt, which saw Jacobs comically attempt to run outside when he possesses none of the physical gifts to do so, Eli Manning unloaded on a 54-yard touchdown to Mario Manningham, who badly burned Jacob Lacey. Despite the 54-yard touchdown, Jacobs exited the field angry. He attempted to toss his helmet at the Giants empty bench, but instead the equipment went flying into the stands.

Luckily, Jacobs' stupidity did not get anyone hurt, especially a child. Had his helmet hit a kid, and injured that kid, Jacobs would have needed an armed escort to get out of Lucas Oil.

But equally as ugly as Jacobs' violent tirade was Lucas Oil Stadium security trying to get the helmet back. Mark my words, had Jacobs done that in Philly, or Foxboro, or Cleveland, security would have needed tear gas and tasers to get that helmet back from fans. What goes into the stands belongs to the fans, and the image of Lucas Oil security bullying fans into giving back the helmet was almost as disgusting as Jacobs tossing it into the stands in the first place.

It almost goes without saying that Jacobs should, at the very least, be fined. Though I ripped Tom Coughlin for his puzzling game plan to stop the Colts, I applaud him for being classy in dealing with this incident. After Jacobs tossed the helmet, he was benched for the rest of the game. Jacobs is lucky he plays for such a forgiving coach.

Were he playing for the Colts, he'd have been sent to the locker room only to be cut the next day.

This is all not to suggest that Jacobs intentionally wanted to toss a helmet into the stands and hurt someone. I've met Jacobs on two occasions, and both times he was nice enough to chat with me about all things football. He's an intense guy who cares about winning. He's also someone who clearly has lost something after battling back from numerous injuries, and this fact is frustrating him. This does not excuse his behavior, but provides context.

To Jacobs' credit, he apologized to everyone immediately after the game. Rumors have now surfaced that he wants a trade from the Giants. Good luck with that, Brandon. The Giants paid Jacobs a boatload of money following the 2008 season, and much like the Colts and Bob Sanders, Jacobs has done little to prove he was worth the big contract.

Back to the fans, I feel sorry for the gentleman who has, for all intents and pursues, bullied into giving back the helmet. People pay small fortunes to attend Colts games. The last thing someone like me wants to see is stadium security acting like ogres to fans.