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Colts V. Giants Produced Classy Move By Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, the reigning MVP and arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, tied John Unitas' wins record last night for the Colts franchise. Currently, both men sit at 132 victories.

Despite being all-world at a position that demands consistent scrutiny, Peyton is often one of the most available players to interview before and after a game. Regardless of whether it is a 30 point Colts win or a crushing playoff defeat, Peyton will always stand before the press and answer questions. It's called 'being accountable,' and it's a trait more NFL people should adopt. Remember when Tom Brady stormed out of Gillette Stadium without answering questions from reporters in 2005 after the Colts waxed him and the Patriots? Tommy hasn't done that since, but it's important to note that Peyton has NEVER done that. If he did, it would be huge news. Win or lose, Peyton's always accountable.

However, last night, Peyton declined to be interviewed by NBC immediately following the Colts 38-14 win over the Giants. Contrary to what some may suggest, this was a classy move.

In case you're a complete idiot and have been living on a desert island the last six years, Peyton's younger brother, Eli Manning, is the quarterback for the Giants. Eli played an awful game last night. He was sacked four times and committed four turnovers. His poor play, and the idiotic game plan devised by Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, were the reasons the Giants lost so badly.

By not agreeing to be interviewed by NBC's Andrea Kramer, who certainly would have asked Peyton about what it 'felt like' to kick the snot out of his little brother, Peyton was giving a 'respect nod' to Eli and the Giants. Peyton and his Colts had just waxed the Giants. Why pour it on by doing a post-game interview talking about how they kicked their tails.

Instead of interviewing Peyton, Kramer talked with Dwight Freeney, which was a seemingly more appropriate interview. Freeney was (arguably) the player of the game, and THE reason Eli committed his costly turnovers.

Small side note: The two Manning brothers nodding at each other across the field immediately after the National Anthem was cool to see. As Colts and Giants fans, we really should enjoy these special kinds of games. When these two guys retire, we may never see two brothers who are this good playing quarterback together ever again.