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Tony Ugoh Waived; Ramon Humber With Fractured Hand

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

It seems any fluttering hope that the Colts might give Tony Ugoh another chance to stay with the team ended yesterday. Ugoh, who was placed on Injured Reserve (IR) prior to the Week One game against the Texans, has been waived from the team's IR list. Likely, there was some kind of injury settlement and compensation.

Ugoh is now a free agent, and can sign with any team he chooses.

It almost goes without saying (but, I'll say it anyway) that Ugoh is one of Bill Polian's biggest busted draft picks for his entire career. There was real hope that he would be able to make the transition this season from tackle to guard, but Ugoh's annoying tendency to allow seemingly minor injuries to affect his play probably frustrated the Colts.

Ugoh had a toe injury which was keeping him out of practice. Just speculating here, but when coaches saw Charlie Johnson (fighting an ankle injury) and Jeff Saturday (rehabbing from knee surgery) working hard to practice, they then took one look at Ugoh's 'toe problem' and came to the conclusion that he simply was not tough enough to play for this team.

Other than Clint Session (who was not missed this past Sunday, with Kavell Conner filling in rather well), the 2007 NFL Draft for the Colts did not produce a good 'bumper crop' of players. For 2007 first rounder Anthony Gonzalez, this is likely his last year with the team. Like Ugoh, Gonzo is always hurt, and players who are spending more time in the training room than on the field are useless players. Harsh fact of football life, peeps.

Other 2007 players like Quinn Pitcock, Dante Hughes, and Michael Coe are long gone from the roster, none lasting more than two seasons.

Speaking of injuries, reserve linebacker Ramon Humber has a fractured hand, and will be out for a while. Humber is a solid special teams player. It will be interesting to see if Cody Glenn returns this week to replace Humber.