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Gee, The Texans Are Sure Running A Clean Program In Houston, Huh?

So, is it possible to have that Week One Texans victory over the Colts made null?

I know that sounds a little extreme, but that's usually my stance when I find out my team lost to another club that pretty clearly has a problem with their players 'juicing.'

Yesterday, Houston Texans left tackle Duane Brown was suspended four games for violation of the NFL’s policy against performance enhancers. Brown has chosen not to make an ass out of himself and appeal the suspension by saying his positive test had to do with him masturbating or ejaculating or whatever. The 'jack-off' excuse was one used by one of Brown's teammates, Brian Cushing, when (like Brown) he was suspended the first four games of the 2010 NFL season for violating NFL’s policy against performance enhancers.

Basically, in a 'nut'shell, Cushing and Brown are cheaters. I'm sure all manner of Texans fans and team pandering apologists will provide many excuses to justify the reasons why both these idiots were caught 'juicing' with something that gave them an unfair advantage. But, the truth is once you're caught, you're branded a cheater and pretty much everything you did prior to getting caught gets tossed out the window.

This is why Cushing should have had his Rookie of the Year award from 2009 stripped from him the way Reggie Bush had his Heisman taken from him. The award voters who opted not to restore honor to the NFL (and instead reward Cushing for his cheating) are a disgrace to their profession. We call them the Cushing 18.

This is now two players in one season for the Texans who have been suspended for cheating. Once is an odd occurrence. Twice in one season is a trend.

ESPN's Paul Kuharsky was right when he discussed the Brown suspension:

Like it or not, fair or not, one such suspension might be an aberration, two appears to a lot of the league to be a trend.

Naturally, Kuharsky has been taking some heat from Texans fans for, you know, speaking the truth and making sense. This doesn't surprise me.

For #Texans fans ticked at me: Please name all the other teams minus 2 key guys under PED suspensions? #nfl

Paul, please. You are trying to logically make sense of something with a group of people to which logic is lost. Remember, these are Texans fans:

And for any silly Texans fans who get red-faced when I make fun of them, sorry but when people of a specific fanbase actually try and defend cheating, they openly invite people like me to toss Blazing Saddles references in their direction. There is no middle ground with cheating. Cheaters are scum, and have no business playing in the NFL. If you disagree, that's you prerogative. But, be warned that you invite ridicule.

If I'm Roger Goodell, I have the whole Texans team 'randomly' tested for PEDs. It might mean that half the team gets suspended, but the integrity of the game is the most important thing the NFL has to protect. Roger Goodell told me this to my face last April:

But, you know, the most important thing to me is for them to know that I’m protecting the game, the integrity of the game.

Integrity starts with rooting out and punishing cheaters. Based on the Cushing and Brown suspensions, the NFL needs to take a good, long, hard look at the Houston Texans.

Side note: The reason the Colts lost in Week One was because of the Texans' ability to dominate the line of scrimmage on offense. Duane Brown, now a known cheater, is a pretty important o-lineman for Houston. He was likely juiced for that game. Just sayin'.