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Brody Eldridge Named High Energy Player of the Week (See ColtsBrazil's Post)

Yesterday, Paul Kuharsky, who follows the AFC South for ESPN, highlighted who he thought was the division's "High Energy Player of the Week."  By his definition, that player is the one "who gave his team a significant boost in Week 2." The player who earned that distinction?  the Colts' 2010 fifth-round selection TE Brody Eldridge.

When Eldgridge was drafted, he was identified by many as the best blocking tight end in the draft.  Fans got excited because Eldridge represented a versatile addition to the team's O-Line woes - not only could he provide a boost in protection, but stories emerged during training camp that he also had soft, if yet untested, hands.

Those of us who were disappointed to see Eldridge not have a significant role in Week 1 when we really could have used the extra blocking against the Texans, were rewarded in Week 2.  The Colts came out in a 2 TE set and managed to keep Peyton relatively clean all game.  More so, Eldridge contributed with a nice seal block near the goal line to open a HUGE hole for a Donald Brown TD.  Writer mgrex03 likened Eldridge's block to Saturday pancaking Vince Wilford when Addai scored in the '07 AFCCG.

Let's all celebrate this recognition, and hope that other teams have overlooked him going forward!

UPDATE: ColtsBrazil posted a great explanation showing how Eldridge blew open that hole for Addai.