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Chargers Marcus McNeill Signs One-Year Tender

Hopefully, this will end some of the talk about the Colts maybe making a move for stud left tackle Marcus McNeill. According to PFT, McNeill finally signed his one-year tender. He'd been holding out all off-season, and for the first two weeks of the regular season, because he wanted a new deal.

Way back in early April, we reported on a rumor that, according to San Diego radio station XX1090, the Colts were actively trying to trade for McNeill. But, as deadlines came and went for any sort of possible McNeill trade, nothing materialized. In reality, it was always a long shot to think that a team like the Chargers (who were the #2 seed going into the playoffs last year) would trade their best offensive lineman to the Colts.

McNeill is not eligible to play for the Chargers until Week Six. Interestingly, the NFL's trading deadline (October 19th) is three days after McNeill is eligible to play.

Hmmmmm. If no longterm deal is reached between San Diego and McNeill between now and then, maybe this whole 'Trade for McNeill!' thing won't be dead after all.