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The Part Where I Give Paul Kuharsky A Little Crap

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While I am often accused of having a terrible memory by my spouse, my family, my closest friends, and pretty much anyone I've ever owned a 'Thank You' card to, I am pretty good at remembering bold statements made by well-paid sports commentators. One of those people is ESPN's Paul Kuharsky who, back in early June following the Colts open practice at Lucas Oil Stadium, had this to say:

No offense to any of the involved parties, but I’m still amazed at this element of springtime NFL: People came to the stadium and whooped and hollered at a Painter completion to Blair White over Jordan Hemby. Will any of them play a meaningful snap this season?

Yes Paul. They will.

Blair White, who was called up from the practice squad late last week, had 3 catches, 27 yards, and a TD in today's Week Three Colts victory over the Broncos. White also did an outstanding job blocking on several screen plays.

The reason 'the involved parties' get excited about developmental players in June is because we know, come September, these guys will be called on to help the Colts win a key game. Another Blair White-type player worth mentioning today was Jeff Linkenbach. The rookie left tackle started today in place of Charlie Johnson.

All players on this roster are important. All of them.

So, next time you cover a June practice, Paul, perhaps you should make note of the young guys who stand out. Four months later, they might be starting-caliber.

P.S.- I still love ya, Paul.