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A Little Love For Colts Corner Justin Tryon

Lost a bit in the Colts win on Sunday against the Broncos was the stellar play of Justin Tyron on special teams.

It's kind of amazing to think that Tryon did not spend any time with the Colts during OTAs and training camp. He was traded for prior to Week One against the Texans. Yet, despite his unfamiliarity with the defense, we've seen him play significant snaps at corner because of injuries to Jacob Lacey. With Lacey now back, Tryon is making plays on special teams.

Since 2008, we've talked often of the need for the Colts to improve their coverage units on special teams. For two years, they've been pretty good at bottling up returners. Thankfully, the unsung play of people like Melvin Bullitt, Jamie Silva, and one-time Colts defensive tackle Darrell Reid have helped steady this all-too-important phase of football. right now, we probably need to list Tryon in there.

All day on Sunday, Tryon was flying down the field on special teams. His recovery of Perrish Cox's fumble on a first quarter punt return was an excellent play. Running full speed and diving on a loose football is not easy. Tryon made it look so.

Since we don't know the full extent of Kavell Conner's injury, and with Ramon Humber likely going to IR, the Colts could be minus two very good special teamers going into next week's game with the Jaguars. This means Tryon will have to step his game up even more. Other than a few miscues in the Texans game (which was understandable considering he'd just been signed by the team), when the bell is rung, Tryon has answered.

Solid acquisition by Bill Polian and crew heading into the season.