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A Small Update on Bob Sanders

Many people noticed today that, in his story about DB Kavell Conner, ESPN's Paul Kuharsky actually started with a mention of Bob Sanders:

The Colts are hopeful they’ll be able to keep Bob Sanders on the roster and he can make a late-season return and have an impact. He had biceps surgery after the opener and the team believes he could resurface after eight or 10 weeks. I chatted with Bill Polian Wednesday and he said the team will have a better sense about Sanders soon, as he’s got a key checkup or benchmark in his rehab upcoming.

Unfortunately, the phrase "eight or 10 weeks" caused a bit of confusion - some read it to mean Sanders could be back by Week 8 or Week 10... others read it that he could be back within 8-10 weeks post-op (versus the original estimate of 10-12 weeks)... and the final option was that it would be 8-10 weeks from today.

I followed up via Twitter with Kuharsky, and his somewhat snarky response was:

10 to 12 from surgery is 8-10 now, right?

So, I take this to mean that Sanders is still on track per the original timeline, pending a key checkup (timing of that was not revealed).  This would optimistically put Sanders back in time for the November 28th game against the Chargers, to as late as the December 9th game at Tennessee.