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The Quote Machine: Bengals V. Colts 2010 Preseason Game

Colts wide receiver Blair White (9/2/2010)

On feeling about about his performance against the Bengals:

It was alright. I think that catch at the end would have capped it off nicely, but I thought I played alright. I got better and that’s what it’s about. Most of all, it was just fun to go out there and play and get some balls and block. It was just a great atmosphere out there.

On if his feels happy with his performance this preseason:

Yes. I got better throughout and that’s what it’s all about, just getting better and going out there and doing the best you can. I think I did that. Hopefully, with my effort and those things, I can turn some heads.

On what he feels he can contribute to the Colts:

I kind of don’t worry about that. I’m just going out there everyday and working my tail off and I may not get as many reps as the one’s or some other guys, but at the same time I’ve got to go out and get better and put myself in the best situation I can.

Colts wide receiver Brandon James (9/2/2010)

On his performance against the Bengals:

It was my job to step up and make some plays, and I tried to do that tonight, pretty successful. We didn’t get the win, but a lot of guys did pretty good.

On if he made his case for making the team with his three touchdowns tonight:

I hope so. I’m praying for the best. I think I had a pretty good camp. I came in and worked hard and did what the coaches asked of me, and I feel like I got better each day out there. Hopefully, my play will speak for itself, but we will see.

On his attitude this preseason:

I only can control what I (do) and that’s my play. That’s me getting better out there every time I’m out on the field. That’s what I try to control. I don’t try to do anything out of the ordinary or make some big type of play. I just try to play within my game and when my number is called and it’s my time for me to make a play, I just try to step up and make it.

Colts corner Ray Fisher (9/2/2010)

On feeling comfortable:

I felt very comfortable, just working with the older guys for this last week. They made me a little bit more comfortable and I got in and I just told them it was like I’m at home.

On what he takes away from this preseason:

It’s just a learning stage because it’s a little bit different coming into the NFL. I’m trying to get used to it right now.

On if he made the progress he wanted to this preseason:

I think I did. I think I made a lot of progress from my first day.

Colts quarterback Tom Brandstater (9/2/2010)

On his play:

It was good to get that many snaps was great. Kind of started off a little bit slow and to have enough time on the clock to kind of gather myself and go back out there and play better was good. The guys around me were tremendous. They really helped me and pushed me and made me look better than I should have.

On his future role with the team:

With Curtis (Painter), the coaches and obviously Peyton (Manning) helping me I feel good about how I have come so far. My goal is to just make the team and be a contributor, however that is. They will define my role and I am going to do the best I can to do what they ask and playing well is the first part of that.