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Colts Defensive Tackle Fili Moala Arrested For Drunk Driving

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Fili Moala, last year's second round pick for the Colts and a player who has shown excellent improvement during preseason this year, was arrested this morning for driving while intoxicated.

From Mike Chappell at the Indianapolis Star:

Moala, 25, had a blood alcohol of .10. The legal limit is .08. Moala was booked and released late this afternoon. He was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, public intoxication and speeding.

The Colts had no comment on Moala’s situation.

So, basically, Moala completed last night's preseason game, went out afterward, had (according to his own words in Chappell's report) 'five or six drinks' at a club, and then decided to drive home.


Fili, you're a friggin' millionaire. TAKE. A. CAB. HOME.

Obviously, this arrest is not as bad as the cops finding John Gill in a ditch drunk, barefoot, and covered in urine outside Brad's Gold Club in downtown Indy back in August. But, for Fili it is not good.

I don't think there will be a suspension or anything. But, if Fili does something like this again, who knows.

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