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Taj Smith Has Torn Hamstring, Will Likely Be Cut By Colts

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We didn't think Taj Smith had much of a chance of making the Colts 53-man roster anyway. Now, with this news, it's a pretty safe bet Taj is a soon-to-be-former-Colts-receiver:

Taj Smith's attempt at earning a spot on the active roster hit a roadblock.

The young wide receiver suffered a partially torn hamstring during Wednesday's practice. The injury is expected to keep him out up to five weeks.

I don't see the Colts putting Smith on P.U.P., and I don't see them just keeping him on the roster. Look for the team to I.R. Smith, or just out-and-out cut him.

For the last two years, Smith has been a training camp darling only to underwhelm in the preseason.