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Colts Roster Moves: Ramon Humber to IR, Fullback Added To Practice Squad

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The Colts have made a veritable slew of of roster moves the last few days. None will grab headlines (like the Jaguars claiming Trent Edwards) but all of Indy's moves were solid and help make the team better (which is, of course, the whole point to making any kind of roster move).

To start, the Colts placed back-up linebacker and special teams player Ramon Humber on IR. Humber had a fractured hand. This is interesting in that fellow back-up linebacker Kavell Conner has a fractured foot. Yet, unlike Humber, Conner has not been placed on IR. The Colts hope to have him back at some point in the season.

As Phil Wilson points out, this means the Colts think highly of Conner, and not as highly of Humber.

Other roster moves included the Colts adding Matt Clapp and Chris Brooks to the practice squad. GoHorse88 has details:

Matt Clapp, 6'2", 246lbs was Brody Eldridge and Sam Bradford's teammate at Oklahoma. Good lead blocker with solid receiving skills apparently. Was with the Lions during the offseason.

Chris Brooks 6'2", 215lbs is a big WR from Nebraska. With Polian aware that Nebraska is being added to the Big 10 next year he's probably just trying to stockpile for his Big 10 quota, haha. Can't find a lot about him. Was with Tampa Bay during the offseason.

Please, no jokes on Clapp's last night reminding some of a certain sexually transmitted disease. It is interesting that a real 'fullback' has been added to the roster. Brody Eldridge is more of an H-Back. At 6'2, 246, Clapp seems like a prototypical fullback (aka, lead blocker on running downs).

With Brooks getting added to the practice squad, seems likely that Blair White has earned a (somewhat) permanent spot on the active roster. It seems the Blair White Project is starting to scare opponents a little bit.

Video of Chris Brooks playing well at Nebraska against University of Louisiana-Lafayette