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2010 Colts Prelude To The Regular Season: Final Cutdown Day

Already gone are Marlon Favorite, Ray Fisher, and Adam Terry. Maybe Fisher and Favorite will come back via the practice squad. Maybe Terry will get re-signed after Week One. Who knows.

What we do know is that by roughly 4pm today, the Colts must have a roster of 53 active players. This means we will see a flurry of activity today. The Colts have, at least, 19 players they need to release. It is also very possible they will sign a cast-off veteran or two from one of the other team trimming down their rosters.

In past years, key contributors like Dan Klecko, Rocky Boiman, and Aaron Francisco were scooped up on days like today.

While SB Nation Indiana is covering the first Saturday of college football, with writer Travis Miller in South Bend credentialed for the game, we will be helming Stampede Blue to make certain all Colts player transaction news is available.