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2010 Colts Roster Cuts: Colts Roster Is Certainly Not Complete

Phil Wilson Tweets today:

#Colts roster can't be complete. They have just three safeties. Given S Bob Sanders' injury history, and six CBs, expect a claim today.

He's right. Unless Bill Polian enjoys playing with fire, or unless he thinks Brandon King or newly-acquired corner Justin Tryon can swing to safety in a pinch, we should expect Indy to make a claim on a safety. I also think the Colts will look into acquiring another DT. Right now, Antonio Johnson has no one backing him up.

I'm also not 100% sold on Keyunta Dawson making this team. He offers nothing better at DE over Eric Foster, Ricardo Mathews, or Jerry Hughes. With interesting special teams players like Sam Aiken, Darrell Reid, and James Hardy still floating out there, don't be surprised to see Dawson cut in favor of a better overall player who can contribute as a gunner or up-back.

Of course, we can all hold out hope that Bill Polian woke up this morning and finally realized that Curtis Painter is a waste of a roster spot. But, that's unlikely... and unfortunate.