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LovinBlue's Reaction to Yesterday's Roster Moves By The Colts

Fortunately or unfortunately, I monitored yesterday’s activity via cell phone and was largely unable to interact with the readers.  The unfortunate part of that was that I didn’t get to log my opinion as and when moves were made, with a couple of exceptions when I felt REALLY strongly about something.  The fortunate part of it was that I didn’t get to log my opinion as and when… well you know how that goes.

This morning, with the benefit of a full night’s rest and an opportunity to read a LOT of people’s comments, I have categorized my reactions into four buckets:

  • Happy, and understand the decision – Delighted or not at all upset
  • Happy, but don’t understand the decision – Cautiously optimistic
  • Not happy, but understand the decision – Disappointed
  • Not happy, and don’t understand the decision – Spitting nails mad

After the jump, read my disclaimers and how I've graphed the various decisions...

You’ll notice that I graphed both released and retained players.  I didn’t graph certain players who I would consider obvious – Manning, Bethea, Sanders.  I also didn’t graph players who I didn’t watch enough to really have an opinion – Danny Gorer, Allen Patrick, Glenn Sharpe.  I know that this latter list includes players who many readers DID watch… it’s just that I didn’t.


One final note – this is not an overly scientific graph.  Do I really feel exactly equally happy regarding the Colts’ decision around Linkenbach as with Terry?  I don’t know, but it’s close enough.




Players whose names are in boxes are my picks for the practice squad.  I did not choose 8 players, as I didn't think all released players deserve a spot there.