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The Quote Machine: Colts Heading Into 2010 NFL Regular Season

Colts coach Jim Caldwell (9/6/2010)

On transitioning from preseason to the regular season:

The approach is the same for us, in terms of trying to find ways to make certain that we improve, but obviously these games count. The other games are certainly games where you are aware of the scoreboard, but you’re also evaluating quite extensively. This is where we make our money. We’re excited about it.

On newly acquired corner Justin Tryon:

He’s a guy that has played in the league and certainly has some experience, but he also has good foot speed, he covers well and he’s versatile. He’s played a little bit inside and outside, as well.

On what is expected from the defense:

The big thing, I think overall, is that we try and make certain that we play the game in a certain way. We are a team that believes in playing smart. We are not real complex in what we do. We certainly believe in using what God has given us with this particular group, and what (Colts President) Bill (Polian) and the rest of the guys have put together, to make certain that we have a team of defensive guys that have speed. We are going to use that speed, and we’re also a very, very physical bunch. Those are the things that I think are extremely important. We put them up in our locker room, they are things that you see in signage, that we want to be a smart, fast and physical football team. We anticipate that you are going to see that kind of passion arise from our defensive unit and play the way they’ve played in years past.

Caldwell conti.

On lack on continuity on the offensive line:

It’s always a challenge, I think, anytime that you have a couple setbacks here or there. We never look at that as an excuse. What they pay us to do is to win games. No one wants to hear any excuses on who was there or who wasn’t there. What counts is the guys that are out there on the field come gameday, and they have to perform at the level we expect them to perform. I very rarely look at things that way in life, period. We have to make the best of our situation, whatever it dictates and move forward.

On the decision to have Devin Moore as the kick returner:

He showed the ability to hit seams, he’s got good speed, he runs recklessly and I certainly do believe that he has good vision. We feel good about him.

On the Colts lack of depth at safety:

Brandon King also is playing safety for us as well. So, he is going to give us that fourth safety. He has some flexibility. He has got the girth and certainly the speed to do it.