Are you ready for some PICKS?!??!

Hello Stampede Blue!

Who's ready to prove they know more about the NFL than their fellow readers, the so-called "experts" and even the flip of a coin? Here is your chance to hold bragging rights for at least a year. Welcome to the 2010 Stampede Blue Pick 'Em Contest.

Once again you will have the chance to pick Against the Spread or Straight Up, or both. Each week there will be a post (hopefully by Wednesday night) where you can see the results from the previous week, overall totals and get the link to the form to submit your selections for the next week. This year I will be submitting picks for all the experts on ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, USA Today and Bill Simmons. We will also have an all Favorites, Coin Flip (Heads-Home & Tails-Visitor), and Best Record (week one determined by last year's record and ties later in the year selected by point differential). If you are not ready to submit picks for the whole week by the first game this Thursday, post your selection in the comments of this post. Make sure to include ATS or SU in your comment and select that choice when you submit the form for the week. This will save time in the long run (and keep me sane).

So enough talk! Show me what you got! I can't EVER remember a Week 1 with as many AMAZING matchups as this one! Get off to a quick start and keep it rolling all year!


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