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Luke Links: The "Chicken Little" Edition

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I admit to being a broken record this offseason... the O-Line has been my #1 concern and it remains my #1 concern.  I even claim this as a concern since well before the final game of last season, when Polian famously called out the unit and raised fans' expectations of improvement.  I could tell during all of the Colts' games last year (and the year before... and the year before that), that the O-Line needed heft and push.  While the Alleman and Terry experiments failed, I was disappointed, but felt that at least something was done to TRY to improve the line.

Still, I was not panicked at the thought that CJ would return to LT, Ugoh might play LG, Saturday would anchor the center, and DeVan and Diem would round out the right.  Now?  Well let's just say I'm trying to avoid being Chicken Little, but yeah, I'm reaching for the brown paper bag while I hyperventilate.  I was not joking when I tweeted yesterday that "Colts OLine + B. Pollard = Manning better be wearing knee braces Sunday."

I am holding out hope that Linkenbach turns out to the be next Tarik Glenn (minus the obvious alma mater distinction), and that Eldgridge turns out to be the blocker he was heralded to be coming out of the draft.  Regardless of the team's performance, though, I'm mostly hoping for an injury-free game (and yes, that means for the opponent as well - to wish injuries on other teams is just wimpy).  Go Colts!


Official Team News

Positive and Negative Analysis

News About This Week's Opponent

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  • Jerome Solomon (Houston Chronicle) relays 5 myths about the Texans
  • Dale Robertson (Houston Chronicle) The Texans still make it all about Manning
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  • Jorge Diaz (Houston Chronicle) Matt Leinart is happy to be with the Texans

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