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New Colts Offensive Lineman Joe Reitz Proves White Men Cannot Jump

It's interesting that the Colts now have two undrafted players on their team who are from the (relative) Indianapolis area. Devin Moore, the team's new kick returner, went to Cardinal Ritter High School while newly acquired offensive lineman Joe Reitz grew up in Fishers, IN.

The 6'7, 320 pound Reitz played basketball and football at  Western Michigan University. Naturally, at 6'7, you'd think the Indiana native would be able to dunk a basketball, let alone dunk a football over a goal post after a touchdown, right?


In Joe's defense, it's kind of hard for a lineman to dunk with all that padding on.

Having someone like Reitz on the active roster is a nice local-boy-makes-good story. Clearly, he's excited about returning home and playing for his favorite team. Naturally, we're rooting for him.

[UPDATE]: Reitz did not play football at Western Michigan. Get ready for the return of the 'Did you know he did not play football in college' comments from TV announcers that were common back when Marcus Pollard played for the Colts. Like Reitz, Pollard was a basketball player at college.

Oh, and tip to GoHorse88.