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Big Media Expects Indianapolis Colts To Win Super Bowl 45

The Big Lead has a nice round-up of all the big media players and their picks for the 2010 NFL season:

The Colts got the most Super Bowl picks, with 16. The Packers could be considered a co-favorite, as 13 members picked them. Ravens are trending as well: 10 media members picked them to win.

Again, part of the whole Super Bowl Or Bust mentality many fans like me have about the Colts this year is that, for the first time, the team seems to have earned the respect of the big media blowhards. For years, people like me complained and ranted about how the Colts were slighted, looked over, and dismissed by most 'players' in big media in favor of inferior teams with more name recognition.

This year, the Colts are the overwhelming favorite to win it all. Now comes the hard part: They better damn well deliver.

Super Bowl or bust. Welcome to the world of heightened expectations.

Go Colts!