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2011 NFL Lockout

Colts Gary Brackett And The NFLPA Make Video Telling Fans 'Thank You'

NFLPA makes a video thanking fans after lockout.

NFL Owners And NFLPA Hold Joint Press Conference: Jeff Saturday Praises Bob Kraft

The 2011 NFL lockout is officially over.

It's Now Official: NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith Announces Players Recommend New Deal

Transcript of DeMaurice Smith announcing the end of the 2011 NFL lockout.

NFLPA Unanimously Approves Collective Bargaining Agreement

NFLPA unanimously approves NFL collective bargaining agreement.

Report: Colts Can Begin Signing Their Own Free Agents TODAY [UPDATE]

The Indianapolis Colts could begin negotiating with free agent quarterback Peyton Manning today, according to reports.

Report: Deal Is Done, NFL Football Returns, Camps Open Tuesday [UPDATE]

Reports say the NFL and NFLPA have agreed on a deal. NFL football is back for 2011.

Post-Lockout Timeline For NFL Once CBA Is Approved By NFLPA

Timeline for the new NFL league year when lockout ends.

NFL Labor: 'Welcome Back, Football'

The NFL lockout is almost over.

NFL Players Saying Owners 'Tricked' And 'Hoodwinked' Players With New CBA Agreement

NFL owners might have tried to pull yet another fast one on the players.

2011 NFL Lockout: Owners Ratify Collective Bargaining Agreement, Now Up To NFLPA

2011 NFL Lockout: Owners Ratify Collective Bargaining Agreement, Now Up To NFLPA

NFL Lockout: It Should End Today (But Will It?)

Optimism high today as the owners and players meet separately to vote on a new NFL CBA.

NFL Players Voting On New CBA Today, Lockout Expected To End Soon

Here is an expected timeline for the end of the 2011 NFL lockout.

Peyton Manning Wants Exemption From Franchise Tag, Then Doesn't Want It

Peyton Manning Wants Exemption From Franchise Tag, Then Doesn't Want It

Sunday Morning NFL Labor Update: Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Sunday Morning NFL Labor Update: Not Out Of The Woods Yet

NFL Owners Abandon Right Of First Refusal On Free Agency

Free agency for 2011 is going to be insane now that teams will not have a 'right of first refusal' on their tendered free agents.

NFL And NFLPA Issue Joint Statement; Significant Progress Made On New CBA

The NFL and NFLPA issued a joint statement today this afternoon after another seven hours of negotiations. There is no 'formal agreement' between both sides as yet, but the statement reads that both sides have 'made progress on a wide range of issues.'

NFL Lockout: The Lockout Is 'Almost Over,' Both Sides Agree On Rookie Wage Scale, Salary Cap

Sources are saying several key issues have been resolved, and that the owners and players within the NFL could have an agreement in principle on a new CBA by today.

Eight Owners Are Present At Labor NFL Labor Negotiations Today

Today in NYC, up to eight owners are present at the negotiating table with player representatives De Smith, Jeff Saturday, and others.

NFL Labor Negotiations Take You Into The Night

NFL labor negotiators like De Smith, Roger Goodell, Jeff Saturday, Art Rooney, and others seem poised to work late into the night, the feeling is that an agreement could get finalized 'soon.'

Quotes From James Harrison's Interview In Men's Journal

More quotes from James Harrison's interview with Men's Journal paint him as... well, as we knew him to be. Completely and abjectly insane.

Former-Colts Defensive End Erwin Baldwin Calls James Harrison A 'Goon' For Comments

Former Colts defensive end Erwin Baldwin is not pleased with James Harrison's comments blasting Steelers teammates.

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, And Drew Brees Issue Statement: 'It Is Time To Get This Deal Done' [UPDATE] NFL Responds To Statement

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees issue a joint statement on the NFL labor negotiations: Get this deal done NOW!

Steelers James Harrison Is Completely F'ing Insane... And In A Sad Way

Steelers linebacker James Harrison is completely insane and just a bit too dumb for most people's tastes.

NFL Lockout: So, Maybe July 21st Isn't the Date After All

There is now debate as to whether or not the July 21st CBA deadline is a real one or one being floated by the NFL owners to pressure the players into striking a deal.

NFL Lockout: New CBA By July 21st, Says Report

A new NFL CBA could be agreed upon by July 21st.

Breaking: 8th Circuit Issues Ruling That NFL Lockout May Continue, But Questions Remain

8th circuit rules that NFL lockout can continue, but states that unsigned players cannot be locked out by owners.

NFL Labor Update: 18-Game Season Off The Table, Deal Very Close

Last night in NYC, the major parties involved in the NFL's labor dispute met for nearly fourteen hours, working feverishly to iron out an agreement-in-principle for a new NFL labor collective bargaining agreement.

NFL Lockout: Jeff Saturday Attending Meetings Today In Minnesota

Colts center and NFLPA* rep Jeff Saturday is at the critical meetings in Minnesota today.

NFL Lockout: Despite Conflicting Reports, Deal Could Be Reached Soon

Conflicting reports on whether or not a new CBA deal for the NFL is 'close.'

The Effect Of A Salary Floor In New NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Affect Of A Salary Floor In New NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Colts Players Affected By Reported Four-Year Free Agency Rules

Colts one of many teams affected by possible new free agency rules.

More NFL CBA Updates: Franchise Tags Will Carry Over, Tenders Meaningless

Reports are saying the next NFL CBA will retain franchise tags, but tendered players with four or more years of NFL experience not tagged become free agents.

Report: New NFL Deal Has 48 Percent Share For Players, No Mandated 18-Game Season

As more and more news leaks from today's owners meeting near Chicago, ESPN's Chris Mortensen has the juicy details on what might be the NFL's next collective bargaining agreement between the owners and players.

Irsay: Deal Done In 'Next Couple Of Weeks'

Jim Irsay claims a new CBA could get done in "next couple of weeks."

Jim Irsay Sounds Optimistic About New Deal At Owners Meeting

At the owners meeting in Chicago today, Colts owner Jim Irsay sounded optimistic that a new deal would be agreed soon.

Bill Polian Present At Today's Owners Meeting

Bill Polian, and several other football operations men, are present at today's owners meeting in Chicago.