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Dwight Freeney And Robert Mathis Teaming Up For Cross-Conference Sack Challenge

In a lighter bit of Colt-related news, defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are putting their pass-rush moves to more use than simply terrorizing opposing quarterbacks.

On Dec. 20, Mathis announced that he and Freeney accepted a challenge from Seahawk defensive ends Raheem Brock and Chris Clemons to see which duo would tally more sacks.  This according to Mathis' Twitter:

So we seem to have a challenge!! @ and are challenging & myself to see who can outsack as a duo. !!!

Terms were later announced by Brock via this re-tweet:

@ RT:Me&clemons gonna put up 100k each! So total will be 400k in the pot. Ok u know how do O'Tkls whn he pissed! !

And lest we think this is simply a bet to see which duo can afford a Porsche Carrera GT between them, Mathis recently announced that he hopes to win in order to spend the earnings on a shopping spree for kids:

me and wanna take the kids to TOYSrUS and let the kids make it rain with @ and sack money!!!

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Mathis had one of his best games of the season last Sunday against Oakland.  Perhaps he should leverage wagers with non-Colt pass-rushers more often.

I supposed it is a bit of an implicit assumption on my part to assume "the kids" equates charity and not members of the duo's own families, but either way, it's a harmless bet that benefits children.  It's a good showing by four good guys playing the game of football, one of whom gave eight seasons of hard work to Indianapolis before taking his talents to Seattle.  It's a win-win competition.

Unless, you know, your name is David Garrard, Jason Campbell or Kerry Collins.

[UPDATE:] Is this a form of bounty hunting or headhunting?  That's the debate the comments seem to be fueling.  What say you, Stampede Blue readers?