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Robert Mathis Calls The Big Ten A 'Liquid [Bleep] Conference'

I take it many of you watched the Big Ten go 0-5 in bowl games today. Colts defensive end Robert Mathis apparently did, and the Alabama A&M alum had this to say about it on Twitter:

Because the #Big10 is a "Liquid Sh*t" conference...

The reason Mathis is so pissed at the Big Ten, especially Wisconsin, which lost the 2011 Rose Bowl to TCU:

The damn ROOK Jerry Hughes gets to Bragg b/c I took Wis ov TCU. #NeverAgain

FYI: Jerry Hughes went to TCU. Mathis, who played in the SWAC conference, even thinks Alabama A&M could beat down some Big Ten teams:

AlabamaA&M should play #Any Big10 school on their homecoming, smakk em, take their cookies &dance on their carpet n make em like it! #SWAC

Jerraud Powers, the Colts corner currently on IR, also spent Saturday shaking his head at the Big Ten.

However, Mike Hart, who is a living legend in terms of Big Ten conference play, simply thinks:

Y'all r whack!