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Colts Free Agents: Players Not Under Contract For 2011

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As the Indianapolis Star reported on today, we still have no idea if there will be football in 2011.

"It's 100 percent in the owners' hands," said [Jeff Saturday], the Colts' representative to the NFL players association.

In less than two months, the CBA will expire. If it does, players say they will show up to work anyway. If they do, the owners have one of two choices: Let them work, or lock them out.

Without a CBA, that means, according to the Star, 'no free agency, no trades, no access to the team facility for players interested in working out or in the midst of injury rehabilitation.' This means that until we get people to sign a new agreement, get those fantasies of Nnamdi Asomugha in a Colts uniform out of your head.

It also means that the Colts likely cannot re-sign any of their own players who are not under contract for 2011. After the jump, we have the list of those players.

I'm leaving Peyton Manning off this list because even though he is a free agent, just as water is wet and the sky is blue, the Colts are indeed going to re-sign Peyton Manning. The only mystery to this is how much will they sign him to, and what conditions will Manning demand at the bargaining table.

As for everyone else:

Free Ggents Who Should Be Re-Signed

Joseph Addai

He's 27 and coming off a season where injuries kept him out of eight games. He did up his yards per carry to 4.3 running behind a putrid offensive line, and he one of the best pass blockers the Colts have at the RB position.

Adam Vinatieri

He's coming off his best season of his entire career, connecting on 93% of his field goals. Even at 37, he's still one of the most clutch kickers in the NFL. Such players do not grow on trees.

Charlie Johnson

Solid back-up who can play four offensive linemen positions, including left tackle. He battling numerous injuries in 2010, but managed to play through and start in 15 games. His re-sign price likely won't be high.

Antonio Johnson

The best defensive tackle the Colts had in 2010. When he started the last four games of the 2010 season, the Colts surrendered an average of 80 rushing yards a game. When he didn't start, the team gave up 140 a game. Unless the Colts plan to draft a stud DT, re-signing Mookie might actually be a priority.

Melvin Bullitt

Bob Sanders is likely gone from this team in 2011. Safety in the draft might be a priority. Regardless, retaining Bullitt is a must seeing as he is a quality player with big game experience. Also, he's only 26 years old. The only red flag is his chronically injured shoulder finally landed him on IR. If the shoulder continues to bother him, he isn't worth re-signing.


Free Agents Who May Or May Not Get Re-Signed

Kyle DeVan

Wonderful success story. Was playing Arena II football in 2008 before supplanting Mike Pollak as the starting guard. Had to re-win his job this past year, and did so. If the Colts do not sign a veteran free agent guard, or draft a higher quality guard in the earlier rounds, re-signing DeVan becomes a priority.

Tyjuan Hagler

Just a solid all-around player who can play both WILL and SAM backer spots. Also very dependable on special teams.

Dominic Rhodes

Fan favorite who proved that he still has some gas left in the tank. His infectious personality rubs off on teammates, and seems to give the colts offense a boost. He led the UFL in rushing, and after playing four games for the Colts, he averaged 4.6 yards a rush.


Free Agents Who Shouldn't Get Re-Signed

Eric Foster

Decent reserve tackle who can also play end. Was once a starter. His role was diminished this year with the emergence of Fili Moala and Ricardo Mathews.

Clint Session

Tough linebacker with a excellent knack for making big hits. However, with Kavell Conner and Pat Angerer already on the roster, Session is expendable.

Daniel Muir

Regressed mightily in 2010. Muir consistently was mauled at the point of attack, and his style of play does not seem to mesh well with Fili Moala, who is more naturally suited for Muir's under tackle position.

Gijon Robinson

He's a tight end who cannot catch nor block. Decent special teams player.

Aaron Francisco

Solid special teams player, but is simply not a good safety.

Jamie Silva

Excellent special teams player, but coming off knee injury.

Keyunta Dawson

To this day I still do not know how he's managed to stay on this team. Nice person, but he can't rush the passer and is only decent as a run stuffer from DE position.


Other free agents like Javarris James, Al Afalava, Ken Hamlin, Chip Vaughn, Taj Smith, Nate Triplett, Cornelius Brown, Mike Newton, Mike Richardson, and Michael Toudouze are all likely to not get re-signed. Of this group, I'm partial to Javarris James. He had 6 rushing TDs as a rookie, and if the Colts are tired of seeing Mike Hart consistently appearing on the injury report (as he does every year), Javarris is another option worth exploring.