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Highlights From Final 'Bill Polian Show' For The 2010 Season

The final 'Bill Polian Show,' which is the weekly call-in radio show the Colts president participates in, for any regular season is usually a must listen show. It's especially important after the end of a playoff loss because, well, we won't get to hear another one from him again until August. 

Last night, Bill went on his show and discussed the playoff loss to the Jets, the season overall, and the uncertainty surrounding the 2011 off-season.

Oh, and for those of you finally looking for a somewhat coherent reasoning for Jim Caldwell's boneheaded timeout with less than 30 seconds left in the game against the Jets, forget it. Polian's excuse for the TO is even more ridiculous than Caldwell's.


  • Right off the bat, Polian continues with the same thing he was preaching immediately following the game; that special teams lost the game for the Colts and that the defense played well. He praised the team's 'physicalness,' and said energy and tackling were great.
  • Quote from Polian: ‘You can’t ask anything more from the defense.’
  • Polian stated that the reason Antonio Cromartie was able to get such a good return was because a player (who he left unnamed, but Paul Kuharsky has a pretty good idea who it is) did not stay in his kickoff lane.
  • Quote from Polian: ‘Kickoff coverage lost the game for us.’
  • Polian then stated that kickoff coverage is roughly 70 percent effort, implying that someone on that play did not bring such effort.
  • When asked about the labor situation, Polian described it as 'muddled.'
  • When asked about whether the Colts would re-sign Dominic Rhodes this off-season, Polian said the Colts would like to do so, but the current CBA situation makes it unclear how much salary a veteran player lie Dom should get.
  • Regarding Caldwell's timeout, Polian cannot 'for the life of him' figure out why people keep asking him about it. Polian then did a breakdown of the plays on that drive. He then said, and here's where is gets confusing, that the Colts took a timeout to make sure they were in right defense after LaDainian Tomlinson’s two-yard run with less than 30 seconds. To Polian, the whole timeout thing is a ‘moot point.’ For him, the game was over unless after Cromartie's kickoff return, unless the Colts could get a sack fumble or INT on the drive after the return. He seemed to give no consideration to the fact that Nick Folk was 2-5 on the season beyond 50 yards. ‘I’m at a loss to explain why it’s an issue,’ Polian said.'The defense didn't know what to call,' after Tomlinson's run. Thus, Caldwell called timeout. [Note: It's worth noting that this excuse is NOT what Jim Caldwell said after the game and at his press conference on Monday].
  • Bob Lamey, the show's host, then said a similar situation happened the week before in Tennessee where, after a Caldwell timeout late in the game, Kerry Collins fumbled the snap and the Colts recovered. Lamey said this in a way that seemed to justify Caldwell's late TO against the Jets.
  • Polian said Jacob Lacey played well Saturday night, and it was not Lacey's fault Braylon Edwards made the play he did.
  • Polian says that at pick #22 in the first round, the Colts will not get a ‘stud’ player. He did say, however, that 22 is a good position to move up or done from.
  • If the Colts take an offensive or defensive lineman, that player will not make impact right away. The players will be like Fili Moala.

Polian was also asked about player evaluations. during this time, he took a few moments to single out people he was impressed with in 2010 (aka, expect them back in 2011):

  • Justin Tryon showed that he’s a 'capable corner.'
  • Aaron Francisco is a 'valuable contributor.' Polian wants to wants to keep him next year.
  • Jeff Linkenbach played well against Jets, and Polian can can count on him as a tackle, which is a 'gigantic plus.'
  • Kavell Conner is, in Polian's mind, the next ‘David Thornton.’ [Note: This means bye-bye Clint Session].
  • Pat Angerer will one day replace Gary Brackett.
  • Fili Moala exceeded Polian's expectations. 'Pundits say he was failed draft choice,' Polian said. I wonder who he means there? Anyway, for Bill, Fili was the team’s 'best defensive tackle.' 'Sky is the limit' for Fili, according to Bill.
  • Blair White will be an 'integral part' of the Colts WR corps next year. They also plan to use him as the team's punt returner. [Note: Bye-bye Anthony Gonzalez].

Obviously, there is a lot in these highlights to chew on, and you can trust that today and tomorrow we will be calling attention to certain things Polian said on his show. For now, chat about what interested you in these highlights.