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Why We Post Notes From The Bill Polian Show

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As is sometimes the case whenever we post our notes from the Bill Polian Show, outlets like ESPN and Pro Football Talk pick up on our observations and re-publish them. We know for a fact that this extra attention, on a national level, to Bill Polian's local-only broadcast radio show makes the folks at West 56th Street a touch mad at us.

Why do they get mad? I really don't know.

We don't misquote, misconstrue, or misuse anything we hear on the show. We listen. We take notes. We try and grab quotes as quickly as we can (because we do not record the show). And since there is no audio podcast posted after the show's completion, we cannot go back to check to see if what we wrote is 100% accurate.

And nothing against the fine folks who post 'The Polian Corner' on, which is a 'transcript' of the show posted two or so days later, but it's our impression that 'The Polian Corner' takes certain liberties with what was actually said on the show and what gets posted in the write-up. Again, since we don't have audio we can't prove that definitively, nor are we accusing the people who post the 'transcript' on of incompetence or negligence. But, far too often Matt Grecco and I have listened to The Bill Polian Show and heard something that piqued our interest only to find those words missing from the write-up two days later.

Yep, sounds stupid to me too. But, it's happened more than once from our vantage. And no, we don't wear tin foil hats when we listen to the show.

My suspicion is the top brass at West 56th Street get mad at us for posting 'highlights' of the Polian Show because they don't like it when people take their spoken words and make those words available to a wider audience. As we always say, if you don't want to be quoted, don't talk. But, when an important person in the Colts organization goes on a local radio program and talks about the team we all love, one of us Stampede Blue writers will listen to it and one of us will highlight sections of the discussion on our blog.

Nothing is 'local' anymore. Colts fans in Indianapolis are not 'better' fans than Colts fans in, say, Tunisia. One of the services we provide to Colts fans all over the world is a place where anything said 'locally' in Indiana is now made accessible to fans everywhere. We do this in a separate capacity than the Colts own PR Department, who have some very nice and capable people working there, but who also have their own agenda when it comes to conveying a certain image that the Colts want fans to see.

We hope you, our readers, appreciate our efforts when we do these little write-ups. Yes, it is our hope that outlets like ESPN and PFT pick them up so that even more fans can see the information. But, the sole purpose is not to just get attention. The purpose is to get the information and analysis Colts fans care about to Colts fans everywhere.