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NFL Playoffs: Bill Polian All But Dismisses Peyton Manning's Reaction To Jim Caldwell's Timeout Against Jets

When asked by 1070 The Fan's John Michael Vincent yesterday during a truly excellent interview run by Vincent, Bill Polian all but dismissed Peyton Manning's televised reaction to Jim Caldwell's puzzling timeout with less than thirty seconds left in last week's playoff loss to the New York Jets.

Watch Peyton's reaction here:

When asked about what he thought of Peyton's reaction to Caldwell's timeout, Polian said:

I didn’t see it, and it doesn’t matter to me. That’s just... that’s immaterial. That has nothing to do with anything.

When Vincent pressed Polian further on the Manning reaction, Polian repeated:

I didn’t see it, and even if I had, I wouldn’t focus on it.

We wonder if, when he sits down at the negotiating table with Bill Polian to discuss his contract, Peyton will provide Bill with more' immaterial' criticism not just of Jim Caldwell, but of Polian's own choice of words when discussing the value of Peyton's opinion.