So who are your rooting for(Part II)

Well, unfortunately the huge underdog Seahawks got rolled in Chicago today. But it was kinda fun watching Tom Brady and company get so frustrated. Two straight years they go out at home in the first round in an embarrasing fashion. Since 2005, Peyton Manning is 6-5 in the postseason while Tom Brady is 5-5. Just saying. Anyway, now that the divsional round of the playoffs is in the books, where do your rooting interestes lie now? juuuuummmmmpppppp......

I have shifted my rooting interests since the last FanPost as the Seahawks are out. I guess we will all have to deal with the Rex Ryan shit talk for another week. To be honest, I dont want to have to listen to it for two weeks between the AFCCG and the superbowl so I suppose I will pull for the Steelers to shut them up. As for the NFCCG, I'm gonna go with the Packers. Tim Jennings is a Bear. I cant stand Tim Jennings and thats pretty much all I am going to base this off of. So, my rooting interests are:




4.Right to Refuse....

Where do you stand?

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