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Questioning Peter King's Silly Logic Regarding Peyton Manning's Legacy

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From Peter King's Monday Morning QB article today:

Brady will turn 34 in August. He's healthy and says he wants to play into his 40s. Unlike Peyton Manning, who's a year older and has one title in 13 years, Brady (three in 10) doesn't have to worry about his legacy. He has to worry about getting more potent on offense.

Um, Peyton Manning has four NFL MVP awards, the most for any player in NFL history. He's won a championship and been to a gazillion Pro Bowls. WTF does he have to worry about with his legacy?

Another King quote, this time from last week:

When [Peyton Manning's] career's done, we won't be able to call him the eighth-best player of all time, which NFL Films did this fall, at least compared to the others on the list, unless he wins more titles. I'm not among those who think you have to win four or five championships to be considered the best ever at the most important position in the game, but I can't put Manning, today, over Otto Graham, Joe Montana and Tom Brady. I know that's not why he's feeling devastated today, and I know he is. But the impact on his legacy if he doesn't win another championship or two will be a big hit.

I question that analysis.

Basically, for Peter, (based on the names he's listed) a quarterback has to win three or more Super Bowls in order to be considered 'the best,' even though he contradicts himself earlier by saying, 'I'm not among those who think you have to win four or five championships to be considered the best ever.'

Where's Terry Bradshaw on this list? Maybe Peter's just leaving him off, hoping no one will notice.

No John Unitas? Seriously?

I'd get mad on this this lazy analysis on Peter's part, but I'd be wasting energy. Peter flip-flops on his 'greatest QBs' lists all the time. Last year, he had Peyton #1. Now, Peyton's 'legacy' is threatened if he doesn't win two more rings?

I really think Peter's opinion is only affected by what mood he's in when he wakes up in the morning rather than truly analyzing who is and isn't great.

FYI: ranked Peyton Manning the 8th greatest player in NFL history, ahead of Otto Graham and Tom Brady. Joe Montana was 4th.