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NFLPA Taking To Twitter, Facebook Today

We've received emails all last week from people at the NFLPA's office to promote the information from NFLPA Preisdent and former-Tennessee Titans center Kevin Mawae discusses in this email which Deadspin posted:

Dear NFL Player:

I want to make you aware of a very important online movement happening Tuesday, January 18th that requires your participation. Active and former NFL players across the league and your fans are participating in a Day, which YOU need to be a part of. It will be an opportunity for players, past and present, to stand together with fans to help prevent the NFL Lockout. Here's how you can help:

· Donate your Facebook status by posting: "Today is LET US PLAY Day. Help NFL Players and Fans Block the Lockout. Visit and sign the Petition."

· Tweet the following: "Today is #LETUSPLAY Day. Help #NFL Players & Fans #BlocktheLockout. Visit and sign the Petition."

· Post about on your personal website and ask people to sign the Petition to Block the Lockout.

In addition, please be sure to follow these social media profiles:



NFL Players Association

Thanks so much for your help.


Kevin Mawae
NFLPA President

Look for these tags to pop up all over Twitter.