I Want Stephen Paea

Basically everybody says we need an offensive tackle.

We need an offensive tackle...we really do. We need one badly.

It would be hard to pass on Sherrod at 22 if he's there.

He's a quality lineman and even if he's not there, there are some others we could/should take.

But then there's this part of me that really wants our defense to get stronger.

A part of me that says our offense will be fine one way or another.

We played exceptionally well last year with sooooooo many injuries.

A constant for our team though is not being able to stop the run.

Everyone says Fili and Antonio are playing well, which is true.

They are playing well until one of them gets hurt and we have to put in Dan Muir again.

Look what the Jets did to us with him playing.

Paea is a physical, tough, smart player with a high motor and it seems like he would fit Indianapolis well.

We do need an offensive lineman, but this guy is just a talented player and I would love to see him in blue and white.

Look at these plays he's making and tell me you don't agree.

College play doesn't always translate to good NFL play, but just look at this guy.

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