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Peter King Was Not A Fan Of The 2010 Indianapolis Colts

The NFL All-Pro teams will be announced next week, and in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback article, Peter King listed the players he planned to vote for. Surprisingly, not one player listed was an Indianapolis Colts player in 2010.

The notable snub is King selecting Calvin Johnson (77 catches, 12 TDs in 15 games) over Reggie Wayne. Wayne had 111 catches in 2010, and had to deal with constant double-teams and injuries to his fellow receivers. He also played all 17 games with a busted knee, never missing a start.

Also questionable was King's 'Executive of the Year' pick: Scott Pioli.

Pioli has done a solid job with the Chiefs, but the players who made the biggest impact for KC in 2010 were all legacy players on the roster when Pioli took over in 2009. Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, and Dwayne Bowe were players brought in by former-Chiefs president Carl Peterson prior to Pioli's hiring. Pioli's 2009 draft class utterly sucked (third overall pick Tyson Jackson had an unimpressive 27 tackles and no sacks in 2010) and his 2010 draft class left a lot to be desired. While Eric Berry looks pretty good, players like Dexter McCluster and Jon Asamoah didn't set the world on fire.

The guy who should get this award is Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum. Pains me to say this, but the guy made some tremendous moves in the 2010 off-season. the Jets improved by two wins playing in a rough division, and beat the Patriots twice.

But, Peter's entitled to his opinion.

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