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Please Welcome New Stampede Blue Writer Eric Miller, aka emiller17

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For many of you, this move was long overdue. But, with the 2010 season over for the Indianapolis Colts, we editors at Stampede Blue can now turn our attention inward so that we can grow our stable of excellent writers. Many of you know Eric Miller (emiller17) because of the tremendous work he did with Matt Grecco on the Stampede Blue FFL. Now, Eric will not only be tackling FFL news and events for next season, but he'll be writing articles for us as well.

One article series in particular that Eric will tackle on a weekly basis is the 'Know Your Colts History' work that one-time Stampede Blue writer Jake Whitacre once scribed.

As we always try to do, we look for writers that balance our coverage of the Colts. If everyone wrote in the crazy way I do, this place would be a one note band. But, with stats people like Matt and Eric teamed with realists (like Colin and myself) and optimists like David Dietz, we try to make this place as accurate a reflection of how Colts fans think and feel as possible.

Please join me in welcoming Eric to our writing staff.