John Elway= Broncos GM, Peyton Manning=Colts Future GM?

Those who watched new Broncos GM John Elway during his time in Denver know how much he loved the mile high city.  Elway was a fan favorite and won 2 superbowls.  Elway himself had his concerns about his abilities ...

to be a GM in the NFL.  After the firing of the DB (not Defensive back) Josh McDaniels Elway was quoted "I'm not interested in being a head coach. I'm not interested in being a general manager. I don't have that kind of experience to be able to pick those players day in and day out and such."   

I'm not sure I've ever heard PM talk about life after football...but I doubt he will be on the TV and I doubt he will consider himself a coaching candidate.  But as a GMs minds go I think we have ourselves a future candidate.  We'll have to go through about 10 years of post PM BS losing.  But the 2025 season could see the return of PM. (not in Favre style)

The only problem is the possibility that New Orleans gets him first.


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