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Coke Zero Big Game Party- Ideas?

This article is sponsored by the soft drink Coca-Cola and, when SB Nation originally asked me to write it, the campaign title email read 'Coke Super Bowl Party.'

Now, for someone like me, when I hear or see someone say 'Let's have a Coke Super Bowl Party!' the word 'coke' could suggest a well-known, carbonated beverage that's as much a part of our popular culture as, say, Mickey Mouse, Captain Kirk, and Elvis.

Or, it could mean the all-to-famous South American export that another American cultural icon used as a party favor so he could show off 'his little friend' to his guests.

For this post, rather then dance around and sing 'Yay! Buy Coca-Cola!' I'd like to use this as a vehicle to spur ideas for a Super Bowl party I might host. For those of you that have hosted SB parties, or gone to parties that you very much enjoyed:

  • What kind of food do you serve at your Super Bowl parties? Chips? Dips? Full dinners? Regionally-themed food like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc.?
  • What beverages? Mostly beer? Wine? Mixed drinks like Captain-and-Cola?
  • You you 'theme' the food and beverages? For example, when the Colts were in the Super Bowl last year, did you dye your tequila shots blue? Did you bake a blue cake?

Please use the comments for suggestions.

As you ponder those suggestions, after the jump I leave you with some 'sage advance' from a true scholar of his time.