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Vic Ketchman, Insufferable Jaguars Homer, Leaves Franchise To Work For Green Bay Packers

Image genius courtesy of <em>colts9318rock</em>
Image genius courtesy of colts9318rock

It is truly the end of an era not just for bleeding teal Jacksonville Jaguars fans but for smug, douchebag bloggers likes myself. That end comes in the form of longtime senior editor of Vic Ketchman leaving the Jacksonville Jaguars organization to take a job working for the Green Bay Packers.

Alfie Crow broke the news at Big Cat Country:

Sad news hit the Jacksonville Jaguars fan base today with the breaking news that the senior editor of was leaving the Jaguars organization to take a job with the Green Bay Packers. Ketchman established himself as an everyday part of Jaguars reading with Ask Vic. He was a staple in the Jaguars community and made a lot of us laugh with his quips and responses.

While I can relate to Jaguars fans viewing Ketchman's departure with sadness, for me Ketchman's insufferable homerism and intense dislike for Peyton Manning blinded him to any sense of objectivity when it came to analyzing football.

But, despite Vic's uninformed opinions, it is sad to see him go from the Jaguars organization, a place that he seemed to truly love and support as strongly as any Jags fan who watched games on Sunday

Over the years, we've called out several articles written by Vic that scream of utter stupidity. I'd expect this kind of stuff from any nonsensical Jaguars fan, but from someone with Ketchman's experience, the writing was lacking.

I've always been critical of Vic not because I think of myself as a better writer (I'm not), but because Vic seemed to dumb himself down to the level of any other deluded Jags fan. For someone like me, a fan blogger with a site dedicated to a franchise I love, I am allowed (and often encouraged!) to act like a buffoon when rooting for my team.

With Vic, his constant, unsupported, categorically-insane attacks directed at Peyton Manning and his excuse-making for a Jaguars organization that has been utterly irrelevant since Tom Coughlin was fired cost him any shred of credibility he might have had with me.

I understand he was a paid cheerleader, but there is a difference between someone 'cheerleading' by shaking a pom-pom while another runs onto the field naked and urinates on the opponent's marching band while screaming 'PEYTON'S A CHOKER!' One tact retains dignity and marginal objectivity, as John Oehser has done since he was laid off as a writer for the website. The other doesn't.

Despite his ridiculous opinions and his inability to truly understand the game of football, I will give Vic BIG PROPS for doing what few team site writers do: Reach out to fans. His 'Ask Vic' column was often filled with idiotic rambling and mindless insults directed at the Colts and their players, but the man does deserve a ton credit for consistently reaching out to his team's fanbase and interacting with them.

It's likely for that reason that so many Jags fans are sad to see Vic go, and on that basis alone I don't blame them.

The positive here is Vic is going to another organization known for strong fan outreach. and while I have often clashed with Vic because, again, to me his writing is dog poop, I am happy he is working for a class organization with a deep, rich history.

My friend John Oehser often speaks well of Vic, which means that Vic is probably a good guy if one gets to know him. I've never met Vic. The only way I know him is through his writing, and when the only way I know someone is by how they insult Peyton, my opinion of them sinks a few feet. But regardless of my feelings about his ability to scribble opinions about football, Vic forged a strong bond to his readers. For that, he deserves applause.

We wish Vic luck with his new job and hope that, going forward, he'll now stop writing brainless articles about how much of a 'choker' Peyton Manning is.