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Scratch Florida Safety Will Hill From The Colts' Draft Board

While browsing for Colts-related draft news the other day, I stumbled across this Every Day Should Be Saturday link [warning: tweet language NSFW] posted on 18to88, which served to capture some of the lowlights of University of Florida free safety Will Hill's Twitter activity.

The Colts, who value character almost to a fault, will surely blow a gasket or three upon reading those tweets.  On his Twitter account, Hill brags about marijuana use, oral sex with a variety of women and marijuana use during oral sex with a variety of women.  He also seems to channel his inner Randy Moss, complaining about the quality of food provided by the University of Florida and the cleanliness of airport restrooms.

Beyond the red flags raised regarding the marijuana use, Hill generally just comes off as a whiny, selfish, spoiled athlete with a horrible attitude.  Hill is more or less the exact opposite of the player type that the Colts target during the NFL Draft.

Chalk this up as a draft stock drop for Hill and another baffling case of a public figure using a public forum like Twitter to proclaim his stupidity.  I will never, for the life of me, understand why athletes and celebrities insist on taking to Twitter and tweeting about things that actively work against them, when they have control over the content all the while. It's not as if they're being misquoted or taken out of context; they actually possess publishing power and use it to damage their image and, subsequently in Hill's case, draft stock.

Needless to say, you can safely take Hill off your Colts mock draft now.  And a note to prospective NFL players entering this year's draft: if you're going to be a moron and/or engage in illegal activities, you might want to keep that information either private or limited.

Not, you know, available to the entire internet.