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2010 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Games Open Thread - For Whom Do I Cheer?

We all know the Indianapolis Colts were eliminated two weeks ago. My wife and all my friends have been asking me who I will cheer for this weekend. I had to stop and think because there was no clear answer. Let me break it down for you.

Green Bay Packers:

This might seem like an easy choice for me. The Packers had ALMOST as many injuries as the Colts this year (16 on IR to the Colts 17 currently listed). My grandparents were both born in Wisconsin and grew up Packer fans. Packers football was my first real football exposure. I should root for them.

But wait, has anyone else noticed all the man-love coming from the Evil empire for the Packers over the last month and a half? EVERYONE at ESPN can talk about nothing but the Packers. They all jumped ship about half way through the season and said there is no way this team can do it and then jumped right back on. Nothing annoys me more! My disdain for all thing Bristol forbids me to get on that ship. NEXT!

Chicago Bears:

This could be a good option. I live in Fort Wayne and there are at least 6 houses on my street flying Bears flags. I would fit right in with all those folks. Solid Hard nosed Defense is always something to cheer. They have stayed under the radar for most of the season. That's a good story, I could get behind them.

But wait, I live in Fort Wayne and all the people I know that are bears fans, know I'm a Colts fan. How much endless grief will I get if I start supporting the Bears? Is Jay Cutler really a guy I want to throw my support behind? Also, as a die hard Cubs fan, how much would it stink to have the Bears in ANOTHER Super Bowl before the Cubs make a World Series. I don't know that I can go there. NEXT!

New York Jets:

The reason to root for the Jets is a simple one. If you MUST lose during a season, it's SLIGHTLY more palatable to lose to the eventual Champions. But only slightly. You can write that off to being a team that was destined to win. Maybe if I cheer for them I'll feel a little better about the Colts losing.

But wait, Rex Ryan is their coach. If they win it all how much will we hear all off-season about how he predicted this from training camp on. It will be non-stop. The bravado will increase, as will the jabbering that comes out of that locker room each week. Not really into all that trash talk stuff. NEXT!

Pittsburgh Steelers:

An organization that's done it the right way. An owner that sticks by his guns and supports diversity in the NFL. An owner that came out and said he's not in favor of the 18 game season that seems inevitable. A hard working town and a hardworking team. My Mid-western values are skyrocketing this team up the charts.

But wait, can I really get behind Big Ben? The whole issue this off-season in the club? The motorcycle thing from a few years ago? Do I really want him to have a shot at another ring? The people who put so much value on rings will never be quiet about how he might be better than Peyton in the long run. There's no way I believe that's true. I think that may open a big can of worms. NEXT!

Now I'm out of teams. What is a Colts fan to do? As much as it will annoy my wife, I will watch these games for pure football value. No rooting interest here at all. She'll need a team to root for (or against as she is better at that), but I will enjoy the games for the thing that they are; the last multi-game Sunday of the season. Here's to football and a good Sunday of enjoyment!