The quest for the missing Nose Tackle

For years, we Colts fans have been clamoring for a solid defensive tackle. A guy who can line up in between Freeney and Mathis and dominate at the point of attack. Let's take a dive into our options.

First and foremost, I believe the Colts should look to re-sign Mookie. He has been the most consistent DT on the team. He is the best against the run while still possesing the quickness needed to get to the QB. He would be a valuable asset to the defensive line for years to come.

I believe this is the year the Colts should decide to dive into free agency. There are a few DT's that could come in here and immediately contribute. The way too expensive, pipe dream thought of getting Haloti Ngata keeps me up at night. I should probably stop thinking about it and just go the hell to sleep because its never going to happen. Now on to a few actual possibilities. The next guy I have in mind is Tommie Harris. He has had some motivational issues. Having said that, this guy really turned it on in the begining of his career and in the last month and a half. Maybe it was the knee injury that slowed him down. He seems to be regaining his form. What better players than Freeney and Mathis to help motivate him. He would have a real shot at winning a championship here so I do believe Indy is a place he would like to play. I think he might enjoy the fact that if he comes to Indy, he is THE guy as far as the Colts DTs go. Brandon Mebane is another guy a lot of you have been talking about. He does seem like a real good fit for Indy. My question is at what price. What would it take to get him here? Remeber, we are about to drop the biggest contract in NFL history to keep Manning here. What about a guy like Anthony Hargrove? He seems to be a decent player who might not cost us a whole lot of money to get. Or should we hit the draft for another DT. Paea's stock may fall after his injury.

At any rate, we must do something about the DT situation. Muir is a servicable backup at this point. We need to fill that Nose Tackle spot with someone very quick and strong. Not just a 350 lber to clog up space. This defense relys on a lot of speed. It will be tricky to find just the right guy. I just hope we stumble across our "Warren Sapp" soon, or well be seeing a lot more of Peyton on the sidelines.

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