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Know Your Colts History: Idiot Kicker

We are headed into the Pro Bowl this weekend.  For this weeks KYCH, I MUST talk about my favorite Pro Bowl moment.  Any of you that were Colts fans back in 2003 will remember one of the more candid moments we have ever seen from Peyton Manning.  Let's set the stage first. 

The Colts, with new Head Coach Tony Dungy had made the playoffs after the 2002 season.  They went to New York to face the Jets and LAID AN EGG!  41-0. Skunk City.  It was probably the worst Colts game I've ever suffered through.

After the game, Mike Vanderjagt went on Canadian TV and said Manning and Dungy lacked the intensity to help the team get better. He went on to say that he had tried to pump up Manning all week and nothing had worked.

"All week before the Jets game I'm like, '(No.) 18, we're going to handle it, me and you we're going to win this game.' And he's like, 'Yeah, yeah, OK.' "And I'm like, 'Peyton, show some enthusiasm, you're the quarterback and we need to win this game.' I just don't see it from him."

He also mention Coach Dungy in the interview.

"I'm not a real big Colts fan right now, unfortunately. I just don't see us getting better," Vanderjagt said during the interview.

"Coach Dungy, he's just a mild-mannered guy. He doesn't get too excited, he doesn't get too down and I don't think that works, either. ... I think you need a motivator, I think you need a guy that is going to get in somebody's face when they're not performing well enough."

Needless to say the Colts as an organization were not happy about the kicker spouting off against the company line like that.  I didn't agree with his statements, but I love what came out of it.  It has to be the BEST Manning sound bite EVER!

This clip came from a sideline interview during the Pro Bowl.  I remember watching the game (yes I watch the Pro Bowl) and hearing the interview live.  I though to myself, "We'll never hear Manning be that open again."  You can tell Manning was excited about being there and ready to enjoy throwing the ball to the best WR of all time (Jerry Rice) and extremely upset having to answer this question.  Here's the clip.  Sorry i couldn't find video, but the sound is PRICELESS!

My favorite part of the whole thing is Manning finishing the interview (not in the clip) by saying:

"When I get home, I'll deal with it," Manning said. "If he is still a teammate, we'll deal with it. That remains to be seen."

Management took him at his word.  Vanderjagt was no longer a Colt after that.  For anyone who thinks Manning does not have the pull to force organizational changes...THINK AGAIN!

The next season, Manning tried to go out and prove he didn't need an "idiot kicker" by leading the offense on 61 TD drives (49 TD season through the air).  Vandy only got 25 FG attempts.  I'm sure Manning would have gone for two all season if he could have as well.  DON'T piss off the GOAT!