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Small Update About Commenting


So, once again, we had a bunch of silly people make some silly comments that, in general, didn't help stir any kind of meaningful debate or discussion in some articles that were posted yesterday. Those silly people were banned, and their silly comments deleted.

Overall, we generally don't mind it if people like or dislike the substance of an article or opinion piece. But, blindly attacking the author, insulting him or her, and making mindless comments about how they 'suck,' 'lack credibility' or are a 'douche' just because you disagree with the person's opinion have no business here.

Take that nonsense somewhere else.

The basic 'code' around here is to please not insult the writers or each other. This is a blog, not a admin-less message board. Far too often, views that are contrary to 'the mob' are attacked with insults rather than insightful, thought-provoking retorts that progress the dialogue forward.

If you disagree with an article, kindly articulate why you disagree. Making a comment along the lines of 'This sucks! You're a jackass with no shame. You hate the Colts. I hope you DIAF,' all these types of comments make you, and the other Colts fans around, sound like mindless Texans fans rather than people looking to talk about why the team is the way that it is.

Please be courteous, and remember, just because an article is critical of Jim Caldwell, Bill Polian, or Jim Irsay doesn't mean the writer is 'anti-Colts.' Making such an assumption is just about the stupidest thing one can do here. If you are looking for a blog that only writes fluff articles and half-brained, stat-skewed pieces painting a happy picture as to the current state of the Colts, this isn't it.

We love the Colts here, but we're realists as well. We are not unpaid Colts PR cheerleaders. And, overall, we editors are not happy as to the current direction this team is headed in. So, until we start seeing a trend away from the underachieving team we have watched the last four years, get used to articles critical of management, coaching, and players. It's how we roll here.

That said, kindly post away. And remember, comments are monitored. Go Colts.