This Indianapolis Run Defense

I can't figure it out.

Antonio Johnson I have noticed is playing lights out, but why are we shutting down...and I mean shutting down some of the best backs in the league all the sudden.

We are tackling much better, and a lot of times playing with eight men in the box, but even with seven we still seem to be hitting home.

It's not like we've been playing slouches at running back either.

I mean MJD, McFadden, and CJ2K.

These are top notch runners just getting stuffed.

Either something just clicked on our defense, or we've got some good coaching going on because I can't seem to figure out this dramatic improvment.

I just want to know how we started being so dominant in the run defense and why we can't play that kind of football all season long.

Either way...I'll take it.

Keep it up Big Blue.

The Jets are next!!

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