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Did Peyton Manning Intentionally Not Thank Bill Polian After Colts Won AFC South?

While I don't think there is too much to read into this, it's worth noting that immediately after the Colts won their fourth straight game and the AFC South division, Peyton Manning stood before the press and gave credit to his teammates and his coaches for overcoming injuries and staying positive.

He did not, however, give any props to Bill Polian and the personnel department:

"Having certainly a unique season so far, a lot of up and downs to the season, certainly that has been addressed all year. A lot of injuries. A lot of guys on injured reserve. It is a good example of perseverance and a different type of season than we have been through lately. It is just a credit to everybody, coaches and players for continuing to work and have a positive attitude and belief and just a good way to finish it off tonight in the regular season."

Now, I'm using quotes here provided by the Colts. I've also tried to go back through the videos available of Manning's post-game press conference, and I don't see him thanking ole Bill and his personnel boys for... well, anything.

If anyone else saw something or heard Peyton give Bill some love, let me know.

Again, there might not be anything to Peyton possibly not mentioning Bill, but it is worth noting. Another thing worth noting:

"There is no question this is a game that we wanted to win. I do believe in that (momentum). It is certainly how you played that week that matters, but it is a better feeling during the week. I do think your practices are better coming off a win. I have always felt that. So that is a positive thing, but everything is even starting next Saturday."

This feelings is, of course, counter to the mantra preached by the Polians. Resting and throwing 'meaningless' games is more important than winning out for the sake of momentum, according to them. It seems this philosophy is one not shared by the Colts players, such as Manning and Jeff Saturday.

This year, the Colts didn't have the luxury of throwing games at the end of the year due in large part to injuries and poor personnel moves by the Polians during the 2010 off-season. Just watching last night's Rams v. Seahawks game made me a little sick to my stomach.

Raheem Brock, who was let go by the Colts this off-season, had nine friggin sacks for the Seahawks this year. That's as many sacks as Robert Mathis, folks. For the Rams, Rodger Saffold, who was the first pick in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, looked terrific as a starting left tackle.

Meanwhile, Jerry Hughes, who was drafted ahead of Saffold and with the expressed purpose of replacing Brock, had six total tackles on the year.

Rough year for Bill Polian. Rough year.