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NFL Week Seventeen: Some Love For Adam Vinatieri

Yeah, I'm still that homer punk who thinks Adam Vinatieri should have made the Pro Bowl over Billy Cundiff, and yesterday's game only solidified things for me. Yes, I know Cundiff is good at kicking off, but the job of a big name, Pro Bowl-caliber kicker is making big field goals.

Game-winning field goals.

Yesterday, with three seconds left in regulation and tied 20-20, Adam Vinatieri drilled a 43-yarder to win not just the game for the Colts, but also the AFC South division and the no. 3 seed in the AFC Playoffs. It was Adam's third field goal of the day (he was 3-3). For the 2010 regular season, Adam Vinatieri nailed 92.9% of his field goals, his highest FG percentage since 2004 when he was with the Patriots.

This is a guy coming off hip and knee surgery, folks.

Vinatieri's FG percentage was tops in the AFC. And if Peyton Manning had not chucked that bad INT in the Colts loss to the Patriots earlier this season, Vinatieri's FG percentage likely would have been even higher.

So, yeah, this article is some much deserved man-love directed at AV. If Pro Bowl judges value kick-off ability, let the friggin' punter do that sh*t. For the field goal kicker, he key is can the dude make big field goals? In the case of Vinaiteri the answer is a resounding YES!