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Jacob Lacey Mistakenly Pulled Over, Cuffed

I was a Twitter skeptic at first, but I've been forced to embrace the technology in recent months.  And one of the better things about the site is that I can catch stories like this one before they become, well, stories.

It would seem that this morning, cornerback Jacob Lacey was pulled over by a police officer from an undisclosed department because his car "fit the description" of a suspected criminal, according to Lacey:

got rolled by the law like I was a murderer cus my car fit the "description" then when they seen they was wrong they just bounced

Lacey elaborated the experience with a few more tweets, including this:

Bout 8 police cars like I was on Americas most wanted

And this:

Ain't ask for no Id jus said GET OUT n cuffed me said they needed to check my car n bounced.  Now I'm late

Lacey, of course, did nothing wrong, so I'm sure he's less than enthused about the situation.  His frustration clearly seems to indicate this was a DWB (Driving While Black) situation, which it very well could have been, but I would hold off for further information before making any such claim.  If the stop occurred in Carmel, though, it all but confirms the fact.

It's an unfortunate situation for Lacey.  Thankfully, though, he wasn't charged with anything.  It turns out that driving a car isn't a crime (unless you're a woman in Saudi Arabia.)  So Lacey did nothing wrong.

Although I could make a good case for Failure to Cover a Downfield Receiver.

[UPDATE:] FOX's Larry Hawley is now reporting this as well.  His article reads eerily similar to this one, replacing my bad joke with some default career statistics.