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Stampede Blue: What Will We Do In The Off-Season?

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So, yesterday was the Pro Bowl.

Yeah, I don't know what's more depressing: Knowing my team isn't competing for a Super Bowl, or watching a bunch of 'all stars' fumble all over each other in an exhibition fiasco so dull it makes me long for preseason games. I mean, at least in those games, people are actually playing hard. I do, however, like Collin's suggestion:

I'm telling ya, combine the AFC and NFC teams and have them take on the FOX robots. Then people will watch the Pro Bowl.

Anyway, with the Pro Bowl done, we now move into off-season mode. Yes, I know the Super Bowl is this Sunday, but 30 other team fanbases could care less about who wins that game. Like them, I'm more interested in the NFL Scouting Combine, the new labor agreement, the 2011 NFL Draft, and free agency.

As I am fond of saying, there is no true off-season in the NFL anymore. Fans take as much interest in their favorite team from February to July as they do from August to January. Sometimes even more so.

Because of this, our coverage of the Indianapolis Colts, and the NFL in general, will not let up. In fact, we plan to double our content output. This means you readers should get used to eight or so articles a day on the Colts. And yes, some of those articles will be critical of people like Colts president Bill Polian. Other articles will feature player breakdowns on college kids we think the Colts will target in April. We'll have position reviews, mock drafts, and breakdowns of the free agents we hope the Colts target.

We will be credentialed for the NFL Scouting Combine, and we will be attending the 2011 NFL Draft in NYC. Heck, we might even check out a College Pro Day, or two.

So, just because the season is over doesn't mean the coverage ends.

You can also follow us lonely, desperate Stampede Blue writers on Twitter:

Brad: @stampedeblue

Matt: @mgrex03

Collin: @cmccollo

(I'm a forgetful yutz and don't have Eric and David's Twitter pages... I beg forgiveness gents)

We hope you find our off-season coverage of the team and league stimulating. As always, thank you for reading, and Go Colts!