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Did The Colts Just Trade For Giants Hakeem Nicks? [UPDATE] Simple Answer Is No

UPDATE: The jersey has been taken down from the Pro Shop website. --bbs

Nate Dunleavy Dunlevy, a man who often likes writing nasty things about me and Stampede Blue, will occasionally Tweet something that's worth taking an interest in. Today, this tweet from ole Nate got our attention:

Why does the Colts Pro shop have a Hakeem Nicks jersey for sale?

Sure enough, if you go to the Colts Pro Shop you can get:

Now you are a member of the team, with this Home Authentic Hakeem Nicks Jersey! This is the same style of jersey worn by players on the field, made from tough Pro-Brite nylon with lycratalic spandex dazzle collar, side panels, and cuffs. It features tackle twill team name and Nicks' number on the chest, and his name and number on the back. Comes with NFL Equipment logo and equipment jock tag. Show your true Colts colors and help lead the home team to victory with your very own Colts Hakeem Nicks Jersey!


We've contacted the Colts asking for some kind of clarification. Hopefully, we'll hear back soon.

Likely, this is some kind of mistake. Still, that's one heckuva mistake.